Padron Anniversario Monarca Maduro

We were recently able to establish a more consistent supply of Padron Anniversarios. This is wonderful news since our first Exclusivo maduros barely lasted the week!

This time, we have two Padron Anniversarios maduros coming in; the Hermosa, in a 4″ by 56 ring gauge as well as the Monarca at 6 1/2″ by 46 ring gauge.

The Padron family is a vertically integrated, Nicaraguan cigar manufacturer in business now for more than 50 years. They grow the tobacco, cure it, blend it, roll it and sell the final product. Over this time Padron’s silky, oily aged maduro wrappers have earned a place in the cigar world’s pantheon of great leaves. Their maduro wrapper brings a unique sweetness to a full-bodied cigar that other maduro wrappers have been unable to replicate. This is why it has become the wrapper leaf by which I judge all others.

Padron Anniversario Monarca maduro.

Come down to Nice Ash in downtown Sandusky, Ohio this weekend. Try one, and tell me what you think.

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