“Factory Smokes” and other Budget Friendly Brands

As many of you know, we’ve been able to cherry pick our product to fill the shelves of our walk-in humidor to match the tastes of our clients in Sandusky, Ohio and the surrounding area. With this in mind, we’ve added shelving to create a budget friendly rack with cigars from Oliva, Espinosa, and Drew Estates.

Flor de Oliva Gold

We now have several budget friendly hand-rolled, premium cigar options. The Oliva Gold is a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper casing all Nicaraguan filler.

New shelving installed for budget friendly single stick purchases.

This is a mild, sweet and satisfying smoke that is built with the same quality and attention to detail as their premium products. We’ve got them in both the robusto and toro sizes for less than $6 a stick.

We’ve also included a mild blend by Espinosa. Espinosa is a premier manufacturer for many brands who’ve recently launched their own private labels. Among them is the Espinosa Crema which we’ve barely been able to keep on the shelf.

This budget friendly, Connecticut wrapped blend is in the same flavor profile as the Crema and should be on your short list for a mild, summertime guilt-free indulgence.

Drew Estate Factory Smokes

Finally, many of you have requested “Factory Smokes” by Drew Estate. This is another great addition to our humidor, and is a direct response to customer input. We have them in both the shade grown and maduro wrappers and the robusto and toro sizes. Thanks to your input, we have a tasty, premium hand-rolled cigar at a sub-$4 price point. Honestly, I didn’t think there was an option in this range but, once again, our customers pointed us in the right direction.

Come join us this weekend for a Nice Ash break in downtown Sandusky, Ohio.

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